Cutting Oils

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November 10, 2016
November 10, 2016
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Cutting Oils

ACME Cutting Oils are recommended by the type of metal (ferrous, nonferrous) being machined (machinability rating, see chart below), severity of application, surface finish requirements, tool life, customer requirements and chemical restrictions. Acme offers a wide range of cutting oils designed to accomplish each of these objectives, typically classified as light, medium or heavy duty. ACME can and will custom blend cutting oil according to the design specifications you establish for a specific machining application.

ACME Cutting Oils are designed using highly refined base oils and chemical additives such as Extreme Pressure (EP), Non-Chlorinated (Passive EP Agents) and Boundary Lubricants. Many ACME Cutting oil products are formulated by combining additives that work synergistically to provide extreme pressure and boundary lubricant properties. These combinations enable the oil to reduce and maintain a low co-efficient of friction thru a wide temperature range in the shear zone. Other products may contain a single additive which typically indicates the machinability rating for that metal does not warrant the use of combinations.

Machinability Ratings

Class 1: ferrous, 70% or higher Class 4: ferrous, 40% or lower
Class 2: ferrous, 50% to 70% Class 5: nonferrous, above 100%
Class 3: ferrous, 40% to 50% Class 6: nonferrous, below 100%
  • Increased Tool Life
  • Better Surface Finish
  • Anti-Mist – in most cases can decrease generation by 85%
  • Dual Purpose – product can be used for machining and lubrication
  • No Hazardous Chemicals