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Part of the challenge to meet demand for high quality products and increased production is keeping operating costs low. Choosing the right oil for your various applications is also becoming increasingly difficult. Standard oils may work, but don't always provide the most efficient answers to your machining and lubricant needs. Acme Refining has been providing reliable service and premium lubricant products for over 100 years. We work personally with each of our customers to develop the best oil to match your lubrication and machining requirements.


AW Hydraulic Oils

  • Synthetic
  • Food Grade
  • Bio-Degradable
  • Fire Resistant

EP Gear Oils

  • Synthetic
  • Food Grade

Compressor Fluids

  • Synthetic
  • Food Grade

Turbine Oils

  • Synthetic

Circulating Oils

  • Synthetic

Vacuum Pump

  • Synthetic

Heat Transfer

  • Synthetic

Air Tool

  • Synthetic

Way Lubricants


Spindle Oils

Cylinder Oils

Process Oils

  • Naphthenic
  • Paraffinic


  • Odorless Mineral Spirits & Rule 66
  • Hi-Flash
  • IPA
  • Specialty

Cutting Oils

  • EP
  • Chlorine Replacements
  • Boundary Lubes
  • Light, Medium, Heavy-Duty

Water Soluble Cutting Fluids

  • Synthetics
  • Semi-Synthetics
  • Light, Medium, Heavy-Duty


  • Drawing
  • Stamping
  • Cold Heading
  • Die-Casting
  • Graphitic Forging Lubes

Heat Treating Oils

  • Fast 10-12 sec.
  • Medium 12-14 sec.

EDM Fluids

Industrial Cleaners

  • Alkaline
  • Caustic
  • Solvent

Rust Protection

  • Solvent
  • Water Soluble
  • Oil

Lubri-Kote: Dry Film

Extreme Temperature

Slide Gates

Oven Chain