Rust Preventatives

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August 27, 2018
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August 27, 2018
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Rust Preventatives

ACME Solvent/Oil Rust Preventatives are formulated using a nonemulsifiable, non-staining, water displacing rust preventative that protects the metal surface by depositing a tenacious film on the work-piece. These thin films are effective in the protection of ferrous metals from atmospheric corrosion even under conditions of high humidity. Humidity cabinet tests on polished panels resulted in 60+ days without exhibiting signs of corrosion or staining.

ACME offers water soluble products which are recommended as a general purpose corrosion inhibitor in soluble and slushing oils. These products are highly effective corrosion inhibitors that will provide outstanding protection as measured by humidity cabinet and salt spray tests.

ACME Synthetic water soluble corrosion inhibitors thin film adheres to the surface and provides protection between different machining operations. This film can be welded thru without sparking.

Other types of rust preventative products available are:

  • Severe Anti-Corrosion Inhibitors (SACI)
  • Outdoor Storage Inhibitors
  • Acid Fume Environment

Factors for determination of product choice:

  • Protection Required. (Length and condition)
  • Type of film desired.
  • Type of metal and its sensitivity to corrosion.
  • Film dry time and conditions.
  • Application equipment, method and temperature.
  • Special storage conditions.
  • Removal requirements.
  • Special properties beyond RP, such as lubrication.
  • Odor and flash point.

Other considerations:

  • If parts are wet with a coolant, then water displacing properties may be necessary.
  • Parts that are stacked or bundled may not be able to get the RP to mated surfaces.
  • Dissimilar metals can set up a galvanic corrosive condition.
  • Chlorides and sulfates can accelerate the corrosion process.
  • Acidic atmospheres/conditions. Acid baths, battery charging stations.

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